Web design

Members of our team are paid for the time they need to do a part of project or an entire project. For every project you send to us, we will give an estimation of required time in hours i.e. days to do the work.

After we make an agreement about the amount of charge for creating a web site or a mobile application, we will send You a standardized contract to settle between You and us with obligations and rights of both sides.

After the contract is signed, a payment of (20 – 50%) of an estimated total amount of charge for making a project needs to be made on the account of company Moja Akcija d.o.o.

Approximately estimated packages for creating web sites are:

  • Small web site

    Charge for making a project that requires small amount of time, which is simple and non-demanding goes from 300,00 eur – 700,00 eur

  • Medium web site

    Charge for making a project that requires significantly bigger amount of time then a Small web site goes from 700,00 – 1200,00 eur

  • Big web site

    Charge for making a project that requires extremely big amount of time for realisation goes from approximately 1500,00 eur and above.

  • Custom CMS/WEBSHOP

    Charge for making a project of creating a modular CMS solution is determined by time and client's specifications. Based on a delivered documentation we can give an approximate deadline. This kind of project requires a bigger team of people.

All the amounts mentioned above will be, of course, defined correctly after we study all received material and conceptual graphic solution.